Online Tutoring Job holds a vision of a collaborative global learning ecosystem that facilitates every type of interaction between students, parents, educators, learning support personnel and education focused organizations eager to teach and learn new languages.

Online Tutoring Job’s Mission

It is imperative that the learning needs of all young people and adults be met, yet this can only be accomplished through the global and equitable access to appropriate learning and life skills programs in an ongoing social structure of educational progress. Online Tutoring Job’s goal is to fulfill this need by contributing to the global sharing of knowledge that will preserve life on earth through one collaborative, creative venture, called humanity. We will accomplish this by adhering to our core mission and values.

Online Tutoring Job believes education must be based on the principle of universal quality.

A global world requires a global education built on the foundational principle that we are all citizens of the world, not just a specific country. Migration and increasing diversity within countries requires that schools, from kindergarten on, teach tolerance and respect for other cultures and faiths. Online Tutoring Job embraces these realities as strengths of humanity – strengths we can tap into in order to create an equitable, global education platform. While other educational platforms focus myopically upon failing standards of education in the US, Online Tutoring Job strives for a universal concept of equality – nothing less than educational opportunity for all people on earth. The world is shrinking. Boundaries are dissolving. We must become one people helping all people, all students, no matter their ethnicity, age, income, or background.

Online Tutoring Job believes education is the key to creating more productive world citizens.

Education is essential to achieving true security, health, and progress on a global scale. It is the quickest and most efficient way for any civilization to better sustain itself. Education gives people the knowledge and skills needed for better lives. Education boosts productivity, helps create new jobs and creates credit opportunities. Education helps ensure environmental sustainability. Education creates knowledge which changes values, attitudes and decisions for all future generations. Yet 75 million children globally grow up without receiving any education whatsoever. As such, foundational to Online Tutoring Job’s guiding mission is the value that every human must be given opportunities to learn in order to become the most productive and informed world citizen possible so that we can progress and survive as a species.

Online Tutoring Job believes education is the best means of overcoming violence and crime.

The cascade of education’s benefits starts with knowledge, which creates empowerment to generate an income, which creates more productive world citizens. Those living with poverty and hunger must do whatever it takes to feed themselves, forcing many moral people to cross moral barriers out of desperation. Morality is a luxury of plenty, but education empowers people to learn how to earn money so that they can climb out of poverty and expend their energies on more productive activities. In fact, UNESCO estimates 200 million people could be lifted out of poverty if all students in low-income countries completed elementary education with basic skills. That’s equivalent to a 12% cut in world poverty! For Online Tutoring Job, therefore, if we are to overcome victimization and violence, education must become the right of every human being on earth.

Online Tutoring Job believes today’s education system requires radical transformation.

Globally, today’s education systems are inefficient, expensive, and difficult to navigate. Students, parents, tutors, and teachers alike urgently require a significant rethinking of how education works in order to create a more effective solution that provides easy access, affordability, and high-quality learning for all students everywhere. This can only be accomplished by capitalizing on emerging technologies for learning in order to provide education anywhere and anytime in a manner that is responsive to the 21st-century context of an interconnected global economy and rapidly emerging global society. At Online Tutoring Job, we have set ourselves to this enormous yet critical task. We are creating a community built upon an organic model that builds and sustains itself, always growing. We are designed to assist every person in the education circle, to become more efficient in both learning and teaching.

Online Tutoring Job improves the quality of education worldwide.

Although the size of education systems has increased enormously in recent decades, the quality of education has suffered. In elementary and secondary education, the growth of international assessments has increasingly led countries, especially the USA, to compare themselves to emerging global standards of excellence. Online Tutoring Job envisions a world community of learning, free of those arcane and short-sighted national barriers, in which hundreds of millions people are empowered to reach their educational goals. Online Tutoring Job will continually evolve to improve education’s relevance in the dynamic global knowledge economy, and moving from measuring inputs to outputs.

Online Tutoring Job will create an equal economic playing field for all students.

Poverty is the tyranny which deprives most children in developing nations of an education. Americans and Europeans spend $13 Billion USD on ice cream annually. This sum would send ALL children worldwide in low-income countries to school! Online Tutoring Job will bring a fresh emphasis to education innovation, utilizing both technology and human resources to increase access, improve performance, and promote a new conceptualization of education for all who seek it.

Online Tutoring Job promotes profit.

Education should be regarded as an investment in every student, an investment that will enrich and profit the world economy. Education is essential for a global development of human resources. Access to technologies, fair trade, and worldwide information exchanges, are all made far more possible through education. There is enormous room for growth. Yet funds allocated for education are extremely low, with worldwide education spending equaling one-half-percent of worldwide military spending! Online Tutoring Job will constantly strive to improve the sharing of knowledge, the stimulation of creativity, and the ripening of career options on an affordable basis to all in need.

Online Tutoring Job increases global awareness.

The rapid pace of globalization is causing countries everywhere to recognize that their young people need to be more globally-aware. As such, all education systems must work harder to teach young people about other cultures, languages, and global challenges in order to foster peace and harmony. How can education bring the world to students and students to the world? Access to education empowers citizens of the world with the resources needed to create a saner and stable future. One of Online Tutoring Job’s primary goals is to empower students worldwide to increase the global awareness.

Online Tutoring Job believes education improves mind health as well as body health.

Physical and mental well-being are inextricably wedded in the process of human development. Education reduces child mortality through better nutrition and health. Children of mothers with secondary education or higher are twice as likely to survive beyond age 5 as those whose mothers have no education. A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past age 5! In Latin America, children of mothers with some secondary education remain in school for two to three years longer than children of mothers with less schooling. Education plays an enormous role in giving women control over the number of children they will have. In sub-Saharan Africa, UNESCO health experts estimate that 1.8 million children’s lives could have been saved in 2008 alone if their mothers had at least a secondary education. This profound interconnectedness of physical health and education is one of the primary reasons for the existence of Online Tutoring Job .

Online Tutoring Job consults an international educational team of experts to create the most outstanding education system in the world.

Each of our experts has benefited, in their own youth, from the wisdom of a mentor, a teacher, or a parent who helped to fundamentally shape their personal development. In gratitude, each member of our team works diligently to ensure that all humanity is given access to the same remarkable learning opportunities. Online Tutoring Job embraces the truth that growth is essential for educators as well. Humility fuels the learning curve. Online Tutoring Job empowers all students around the globe to learn at very affordable rates, while providing tutors additional income and thereby always increasing their learning base. To understand more is to teach more, and to teach is to learn. As educators, we are eager to provide services allowing peer-to-peer teaching.