Reasons to Get a Writing Tutor

Why get a writing tutor?

Please don’t feel afraid or ashamed to obtain some assistance with writing from a tutor. Writing is a challenge, even for those we consider great writers.

I’ve had a reputation as a good writer since first grade. But I sought guidance during college. I wanted to become the strongest writer possible because I knew I would write for the rest of my life.

Writing is challenging because you cannot know exactly how readers will understand the words on the page. After all, people read passages differently because of individual experiences. Furthermore, high school and college writing assignments may call for unfamiliar kinds of writing.

Because writing is so challenging, yet important, writing tutors have much to offer. Their individualized instruction can increase your confidence in writing and your ability to self-edit.

One-on-one interaction is a key benefit of having a writing tutor. Tutors can customize their approach and activities based on your individual learning and writing style. They can start at your skill level and work from there, keeping you from being overwhelmed. In contrast, teachers and professors cannot always work individually with students. They cannot spend more than thirty minutes commenting on your paper if they want to read your classmates’ work before the end of the month.

While working with students individually, good writing tutors boost students’ confidence in their skills. Tutors have more time than teachers do to give positive feedback or a pointer that makes you feel more confident. Also, tutors see your work differently than you do, which helps them point out your strengths in writing. Knowing your strengths helps you make the most of them.

As your skill in writing increases, your confidence should increase. With more confidence comes greater ease in tackling the next writing assignment.

Another skill writing tutors foster is self-editing, which is important because you won’t always have someone guiding you when writing. In the working world, people usually must write under tight deadlines. This leaves little time for colleagues to provide feedback on writing, if they’re willing to provide it. Gaining skill in self-editing ensures that when the tutor isn’t with you, you’ll be able to revise and edit well.

No matter what you major in or where you’ll eventually work, you’ll need to write. Writing is a powerful form of communication, so it’s worthwhile to make yourself a better writer. Tutors are ready to guide you. One-on-one instruction, increased confidence, and increased skill in self-editing are just three results of finding one.


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