Existentialism in Education – Teaching Ethics, Content, Methodologies

There are many different philosophies of education, all of them are important to study and learn. I have studied several of them and the Philosophy of Education that is most like mine is Existentialism.

I believe that we were created by God. I believe that teachers are there to teach but students must be willing to learn before teacher can teach them. It is each individual’s responsibility to study and learn. Ethical values are not only important in life, but in education.  Students should take responsibility for their education.

A teacher should learn what each child’s needs are and where the child is academically. The teacher does have a set curriculum to teach each year but that should be modeled to fit each individual students needs or at least come close.  It is extremely important that schools get back to the three R’s of education. Children need to be taught how to succeed in life no matter what career they choose and schools need to prepare them for that life.   Math is very important but algebra should not be required for all students, only for those who might use it in their given career choice. Schools should focus more on making sure kids know the math skills required in real life. I do not believe that science for the most part is something that should be heavily required.

Another important part of Existentialism are morals.

Soren Kierkegaard brought about the ideas that people should have morals. He believed that each person has a history of his own and that people’s spirit/soul should be nurtured. He also believed that children learn by watching others. It is important for students and educators to be morally sound. Existentialism and Soren Kierkengaard had a very important impact on education. I do believe that education should be a separation of church and state, however the morals that come along with religious beliefs are very important to posses.

Existentialism brought about the ideas that people should be moral and that people should also explore inner selves. If schools would get back to the moral fiber that they use to have, children would retain more knowledge. If your students desire to get a Degree in Tech – Information Technology, then Existentialism in Education is a great way to shape a Lesson Plan around.


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