Olivia Yang

Chinese Tutor
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About Me

Degree: Chinese Literacy
Experience: 10 Years in Preschool Education and Young Adult
Hobbies: Teaching and Family
My Courses: Introduction to Chinese Reading, Advanced Chinese Writing
Projects: ESL & Chinese Learning

Course Features

Introduction to Chinese starts with the basic fundamentals whether you are a native Chinese speaker or from another country.

Once you learn the basics, it’s easy to start grasping words, terms, and move on to full sentences.  After we get to Intermediate classes, you should have a Rolodex of sentences you’ll be fluent in.

I offer very affordable prices to teach young kids and adults the fundamentals and introduction of Chinese to Full Fluency in Reading, Speaking, and Writing in Chinese.

Time Split


I love teaching and tutoring.  I have a degree in Chinese Literacy and help students learn from novice to advance language in Chinese Reading, Writing and Speaking.

My Courses

Introduction to Chinese, Chinese Writing, Chinese Reading, Advanced Chinese