7 Ways To Succeed In A World Full Of Extroverts


If you’re an introvert, you must be aware that the business world needs extroverts as they can successfully manage events and share their thoughts and ideas on topics. Does this mean that introverts will never be able to achieve a successful career in the business world? The answer is no. The fact is that an introvert possesses certain innate qualities, which extroverts do not possess. To succeed and prosper in this competitive world, you should focus on your strengths. Here are some tips that will help an introvert to succeed in different situations of life.

1. Search for like-minded people online.

For many introverts, large and noisy business parties can become a nightmare. They may find it difficult to seek attention and connect with different people. This does not mean that they can never attain a successful career. In fact, introverts are great listeners and have the quality to understand issues from another person’s perspective. However, these loud and noisy parties require someone who can make the party exciting and enjoyable. Therefore, introverts may have difficulty in such situations.

In such a case, introverts can try connecting people through social media. This way, you can find like-minded people whom you can meet offline. Before a business event or meeting, you can do a bit of research on people whom you are going to meet. You can also email them an introductory letter to let them know that you are looking forward to meeting them at the event. Such preparation may reduce your nervous feelings and help you avoid awkward small talk.

2. Express through writing.

Introverts usually are unable to express their thoughts, views, and ideas in front of other people.  They have an innate need to think before speaking. Before attending meetings, jot down your ideas and views and then read them in front of other members. Similarly, before attending any social gatherings, prepare yourself with some topics that you can discuss while interacting with others. Such preparations will help you to initiate interesting conversations with other people.

3. Be realistic.

After a long and busy day at the office, extroverts love to go out with friends. However, an introvert tends to rather go directly home, spend some peaceful time alone and then go to sleep. Thus, an introvert should be realistic while accepting invitations. Instead of accepting all the invitations and dragging yourself to the parties, you should accept the fact that you can attend parties on the weekends or maybe once in a while but not every day. For business events, you can choose one or two invitations that sound interesting and significant to you.

4. Step outside your comfort zone.

In this competitive world, you have to confront many extroverts who will have a pleasing personality and can easily grab other people’s attention. In such situations, you cannot give in and let others do all the talking. That’s the time you have to force yourself to move outside your comfort zone and grab the attention. It can be a little difficult, so you will have to learn and practice different conversation skills, which will benefit you in different situations. Once you master these skills, you will get the confidence to step outside your comfort zone when the need arises.

5. Focus on your strengths.

Being an introvert, you may possess certain qualities that can be a disadvantage for extroverts. As an introvert, you are a good listener, and so you can understand the information quickly. In the entire group, you may be an excellent observer and see things that are missed by others. Thus, you get some unique skills with introversion, which you have to use it to your advantage. Focus on your unique qualities and use them appropriately.

6. Don’t let yourself get squashed by the extroverts.

Introverts usually do not like to draw others attention to themselves unnecessarily. Instead, they listen to others and process all the information in their mind that is being discussed in the room. If you have some thoughts or ideas that you would like to share with others, then it is your right to make yourself heard. You just need to grab other’s attention by simply raising your hand and say, “I have an idea.”

7. Find a job that suits your skills and abilities.

You should always choose a profession that suits your personality. Jobs that require good listening and observation skills, and ability to work independently are all perfect choices for an introvert. Jobs that demand good communication and networking skills may be a wrong option for you. Instead of wasting your energy and time to change your temperament, you can find a job that celebrates your unique abilities, skills and strengths.

In a world full of extroverts, being an introvert can be challenging. However, remember that with introversion, you have certain skills and abilities that are special gifts that can help you in different situations of life.


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