The Importance of Creating an English Club for ESL students

An English club is a place for ESL language learners to use English beyond the ESL classroom and in real life situations. The practice of the language skills in the classroom is crucial, but it is not enough to master the language. In the English club, the students have the chance to use different skills and discuss a variety of topics.

There are many reasons for creating an English club. Students who lack interaction, motivation in the classroom, either because they are introvert, shy or they have a low language level, the English club might be a good solution to involve them with their friends in doing various activities and to make weak student active. The good thing about creating an English club giving chance to students to study English with fun and it is also a place for students to improve their English. For instance, students can be given stories and books to enhance their writing skills. They also watch documentaries, films, listen to songs and engage in discussions with their teacher; they can play games and sports to change the atmosphere and practice the language in funny ways.

The English club paves the way to students to build up their personality, discover, understand and become themselves and develop their cultural competences. It makes them aware of the national and international issues and events; so that they can be useful for themselves and for their community as well as to develop their sense of citizenship and belonging.

In addition, there are other goals for creating an English club:

  • Enhancing communication and collaboration.
  • Fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Encouraging autonomous learning.
  • Creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxation.
  • Cultivating good hobbies and habits.
  • Making new friends

Here are some types of the activities that can be used in an English club: the first one is school press which can be run by students and it enables them to think and express their thoughts and feelings in a written form. The second one is school drama which is an artistic and literary genre that helps in the cognitive and emotional development of the students. The third one is contests which aim at increasing the students’ performance and retention. There re types of contests: photo contest, art contest, sport contest, etc.

Finally, I do really appreciate the efforts that the teachers do some countries like Morocco, in order to create these clubs even that they do not have enough time or financial support and how they struggle to make them survive. So as a suggestion, it would be interesting to add some ideas to enliven these English clubs; I propose using a suggestion box; the teacher encourages the students to write their comments, criticism and suggestion for the group. Also, it is a good idea to on excursions as a group. This helps creating strong commitment between students: going on a picnic, having lunch together, visiting a charity, etc. So, whatever your activity, the student should speak only English.


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