It has been said that the SAT test is not on the same page (so to speak) with today’s job market, however some employers still ask job applicants for their SAT scores – even if they are not recent.

The reason for this is that the SAT is said to be a good screening method for employers during the early job application phase: it helps them separate potential candidates, which is really just time-efficient when thousands of people have applied for the same job and some criteria is needed to break down the numbers. And then of course, if the company is searching for people who have exceptionally high scores, anything lower than what they are looking for will be immediately disregarded.

Research, however, shows that there is not a big link between employee performance and their SAT scores. In a study conducted by William Hiss (a previous dean of admissions at Bates College in Maine), data was analyzed from nearly thirty-six schools that were test-optional in the U.S. over many years. The results showed hardly any difference in the grades and the graduation rates between the people submitting tests and those who didn’t. Rates of college graduation for the latter was just 0.6 per cent lower than the scholars who did submit a test score.


If you have a low SAT score, there are things you can do to compensate for it, such as:

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– Focus on having a strong academic record. Many colleges and universities will look at various elements of a student’s academic performance, not just the SATs.

– Make sure you write an excellent essay for your college application. Remember to spell-check!

– Strong letters of recommendation from teachers, mentors or coaches. Choose people you have worked with closely so that the letters reflect your good points efficiently.

– Good extracurricular involvement, such as volunteer work and community activity.


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