Places in the Community Lesson Plan for ESL Learners

ESL Level: Low/Beginner


Students will be able to identify places around the community and what their purpose is. Students will ask and answer questions about where someone is. Students will: participate in conversations in routine classroom situations using learned phrases and simple sentences, give minimal explanations using one word and simple phrases, and respond appropriately verbally (and in writing) to simple learned phrases that contain simple survival vocabulary.

Link Activity:

Show pictures on the SMARTboard/or actual pictures: bank, library, restaurant, school, street and supermarket and have students come up and match the picture with the correct word. Students find someone who has the picture or word card to go with these six vocabulary words. Teacher explains that today they are going to learn more vocabulary about places to be able to identify them in their community.

Engage and Educate:

Students brainstorm places around their community. Teacher captures this on a mind map/web on chart paper or on the board. Teacher elicit new vocabulary by asking questions such as: Where can I buy medicine? Where can I watch a movie? Students will watch a brief video clip on Youtube about community places: familiarize themselves with many places around the community including old and new vocabulary. Teacher shows pictures of community places (pharmacy, hospital, laundromat, post office, movie theatre, gas station, bank, school, library, restaurant, street, and supermarket) on the SMARTboard and has students come up and match the vocabulary words with the pictures after teacher models. As students match the words, teacher asks, “What can you do or get there?” If students cannot respond, teacher pantomime the actions and/or tell them as necessary.

Active Learning:

1. Students play a matching game in groups where they match new community vocabulary words with pictures. Teacher writes question on the board: What can you do there? Students ask each other this question as they make a match.

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2. Students glue pictures of the new vocabulary learned in their notebooks and write the vocabulary words underneath to practice at home. 3. Posters illustrating the various locations around the community will be posted around the room. Some students will stand by a poster while others walk around the room to ask: Where are you? What are you doing? The other student will answer: I am at the _____ getting ____. Note cards will be provided to assist with questioning and answering. After all students have gone around once, they will switch roles.

*Teacher will model activity first.


Students will write about the various locations they visit during a typical week and use the posters in the room as support. They will answer in their notebooks: During the week, I go to __________ to __________. Teacher will encourage students to write about more than one location using a series in their sentence. Then, students will participate in a ball activity where they will all get a chance to catch a ball and share what they wrote.

Now and Then Activity:

Teacher will encourage students to share new vocabulary learned in class with a family member or a friend as they are out and about their community.


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