English as a Second Language: Day 1

Day One Lesson Plan for ESL Learners

It is the beginning of your ESL teaching term and you are getting prepared to do your first lesson. What should you do? It is important to make your learners feel comfortable in their new class setting and that they get to know you and their peers. Therefore, it is key that you do an introduction lesson where they can all learn a little bit about each other and practice basic speaking skills with new learned vocabulary. Modifications to this lesson should be made based on the skill level of your beginner learners.  This lesson can be used with students of all ages.

Lesson Title: Introductions

Level: Low/Beginning ESL


To be able to greet people, introduce yourself, introduce others, ask for information, and give information. Learners will: Identify themselves and be able to give basic information about themselves in classroom situations and controlled settings. Content standards S2.1a The idea is for students to be comfortable with their new peers and get to know each other while learning new English vocabulary.

Link activity:

The teacher will show students a few items that describe herself so students can relate to and model how to introduce oneself using key words: name, like, enjoy, live, from. The teacher will write the sentence starters on the board.

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Engage and Educate:

Teacher will model how to ask someone more about themselves with another student using the sentence starters. Students will be instructed to use the sentence starters written on the board and practice with a partner. Ex: Hi, my name is ________. I like to ______. I enjoy ________. I am from ________.

Active Learning:

Students will find three people to interview using the sentence starters. If students are able to write their responses they can do so. Teacher will monitor students and assist when necessary.


Students will then share information about one person they met until everyone gets a turn. Teacher will assist students who need help and encourage students to introduce someone that hasn’t been already introduced. Key words to introduce for this activity include: I, met, he, she

Extension/real life application:

Students will be encouraged to think of someone they can practice with either at home or at the work place. Then, they will be asked to share what they learned about someone else at the next class meeting. It is advisable for them to practice with someone who can speak English so they can learn new words such as new hobbies and locations.

If there’s time:

Students can create a timeline including five events and dates in their life. The teacher should have a premade timeline made of herself to model the activity. Beginners may simply draw pictures and label them next to the five dates. In addition, they should pair-share their timeline with a partner and then share what they learned about their partner with the class.


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